homo integralis

Institute for Integral Consciousness-Research and
the Future of Man

The challenge:

„There is only one way to heal the body of the Earth, and that is to be the body of the Earth.“(Mira Alfassa)

Mankind and evolution as a whole face a transition to a new dimension. Environmental crises, work-crises, crises pertaining to the meaning in life etc. are symptoms of an old age. The outward turned creative force of modern civilisation has brought forth technologies and systems, that, if we continue in this same direction, will end in a new barbarism; on the other hand they can build - within the framework of a new, integral culture - the basis of a free, global humanity.

The evolutionary challenge, which the human being must face, is the quantum leap to a planetary consciousness and the self-transcendence of the small world-ego. Neither the outward-turned activity of the westen mind, nor the inward-projected eastern spirituality is sufficient. An integration of both is needed.

Outside world and inner world, matter and spirti, nature and culture, feminine and masculine, etc. - opposites until now, can meet with a new quality. The crucial place and focus of this integration lies within the innermost being of true human nature.


Meaning and tradition of the institute:

The central point is research and development of the integral consciousness.
Personal experiences are as important as the inter-human resonance and the rational possibility of proof.

The institute sees itself in the tradition of all consciousness-expanding approaches  - from the inspirations of leading people like Laotse, Buddha,  Hildegard and other women and men; to the great philosophers and psychologists from Heraklit to Roberto Assagioli, the modern transdisciplinary approaches from Erich Jantsch to Ervin Laszlo, up to those who prepared the integral age like Sri Aurobindo, Mira Alfassa, Jean Gebser, Ken Wilber and Rudolf Bahro.

The main seat of the institute is the LebensGut Pommritz in Eastern Saxony. But virtually it exists and acts in all places, where people come together in the sense of developing a new, universal human being, where within their being a resonance grows for this new integral tone, for this new self-awareness and self-being of a responsible co-creativity in the flow of evolution, for this clearer and hotter inner flame of life, whose more intensive vibration elevates the human being to “the adventure of consciousness and joy" (Sri Aurobindo).


Tasks of the institute:

  • Human selfrealisation through integral development of consciousness
  • Integration-orietated research with theoretical and experimental foundations
  • Methods and heuristics for of the development of consciousness
  • Practical implementation in pilot-projects and in the day-to-day life of the research-teams
  • Networking, interaction and ally with other experiments and research facilities
  • Libary for integral consciousness and publications


Topics of research: 

The institute investigates the following fields theoretically and practically 
  • How does the resonance work between the human being and the universal cosmos, the "subquantum- or Psi-field" (E. Laszlo), the "Great Mother", the "supramental" (Sri Aurobindo), the "brahman", the "divine" work?
  • Which methods and techniques can be used in researching  and expanding  human consciousness?
  • What are the principles and possibilities of conscious co-operation in the evolution and involution?
  • How does the transition to the new species take place in the human being?
  • How can the human being dissolve the unconscious fear of death in the mind of the cells, which blocks the flow of live-force?
  • How are love and joy unfold as qualities of existense which many awakened saw as the center of a second hominification?
  • How can a new harmony of femininity and masculinity, as well as of spirti and matter succeed?
  • Which forms of community, society and economy form the framework for the 21st Century?
  • How can the process of enlightenment (and enlightainment), with respect to the true nature of the human being, be integrally realized?


Activities :

  • Possibility of practical courses and other forms of participation 
  • Unconventional education
  • Seminars, workshops, training, conferences and events
  • Institutional consulting
  • Individual councelling
  • Platform for virtual and personal development
  • Information and publications


For further information:

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Antonia Hasselmann, Dr. Maik Hosang und Andreas Mascha